PCB Equipment

PE EngineerFile InputFrontline InPlan Planning Software
CAMOrbotech InCAM
A/WOrbotech photo plotter

Inner LayerInner FilmAutomatic Wet Film Coater
Inner ExposureVarious manual and semi-auto exposure
Inner Layer EtchUniversal DES( Develop-Etch-Strip) Lines
AOI InspectionOrbotech Discovery, Camtek
Brown OxideUniversal Alternative Oxide Line
LaminatingBurkle, OEM, Heng-da Vacumm Presses

DrillingMechnical DrillHitachi, Schmoll, HanStar
Laser DrillMitsubishi Laser Drill

Ourer LayerPlasma CleanReBorn RPP-V13
PTHAutomatic Desmear and Electroless Copper
Semi-Exposure5KW Manual Exposure
LDI machineLaser Direct Imaging photeck
Pattern PaltingAutomatic Panel Plating Line
Automatic Pattern Plating Line
MCP-PAL Vertical Continuous Plating Line
Copper Via Fill Plating Tank
Outer Layer EtchUniversal SES( Strip-Etch-Tin Strip) Line

SM & MarkingSM PrintingHorizontal Semi Automatic Coater
SM ExposureVarious SM Exposure
LegendSprint 100

Ourline CNCCNC Routers + CCD routers
V-CutCNC V-score
Punch DiePunch

Surface finishHASLTin/Lead HASL
Leadfree HaslLead Free HASL
Imm. AgMacDermid(Planar)
Imm. TinAtotech(Stannatech)
Hard FGoldFull body gold, gold fingers and selective gold
Flash GoldFull body and selevtive bondable soft gold

Test & InspectionE-T Fixture2wire / 4wire Fxiture Test
Flying Probe2wire / 4wire Flying Probe Test
Reliability TestX-section and Microscopes, Impendence Test, High-Pot,
Tg Test, Peel Strength, lonic Testing, IR Reflow, Thermal Chamber etc chrommotography,IST,CAF